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June 12, 2016

2023 Event Calendar

Date Event
3/18/23 Spring Equinox Party
4/22/23 St George's Day
5/12/23 Second Fridays
5/12/23 Mother's Day
5/27/23 4th Anniversary Party
6/3/22 World Cider Day
6/9/23 Second Fridays
6/24/23 Summer Solstice Party
7/14/23 Second Fridays
7/22/23 Dog Days of Summer
8/11/23 Second Fridays
9/1-9/4 Summer Small Batch Fest
9/24/23 Fall Equinox Party
10/13/23 Second Fridays
10/28/23 Chili Cookoff
11/4/23 Bonfire Night
12/17/23 Winter Solstice Party

November 2023 Events

On the Farm

10/28 - Chili Cook-Off

It's chili season! Join us at the farm on Saturday the 28th from 1-4 for your chance to taste and judge a variety of amazing chili's. In addition, we'll be offering free bowls of John's famous house chili to everyone who attends!

Last year a vegan chili won the event, and they've vowed to repeat as champions! If you have a winning chili, reach out and answer for free!

11/4 - Bonfire Night

November 5th to burn an effigy of Guy Fawkes in condemnation of the act. We'll carry on the tradition and sip on some hot mulled cider as we build as big of a bonfire as the weather and space will allow.


11/24 Black Friday Hour Change

Tasting room will be open from 1-5 on Friday 11/24

Dan Lawrence
Dan began his career in e-commerce, but abandoned the button-down life to join his brother-in-law in pursuing a mutual dream of making great cider. He recently spent 5 months in Southwest England, working with some of the best cider makers in the world in order to further develop his skillset.

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